While we all want to live a long, healthy, and productive life, there are a variety of beneficial habits that can help increase our chances of enjoying life for many decades to come.

Wisdom of the Ages

In Season 1, we can already see a young Elizabeth and Margaret engaged in a feisty sibling rivalry that will play out in wildly entertaining fashion in later seasons.

Stay Active With Exercise

One of the most important healthy habits that can carry seniors into their later decades are strong personal bonds.

Develop Strong Personal Relationships

The benefits of a solid night's rest are especially important as we get older -- and the amount of sleep we need can change as we age.

Get Enough Sleep

After retirement, many seniors struggle with finding their purpose in life once they no longer have the career that once helped define much of their life.

Find Your Purpose

Volunteering is a great way to find a renewed purpose in life as we age, and is a habit that can also offer mental and physical benefits for seniors.


We're told all our lives that eating more vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are great for our health, but making a habit to do so becomes even more important as we age.

Eat Your Veggies and Beans

Staying healthy into your 80s and 90s doesn't have to mean enduring a puritanical existence.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Studies show that seniors who own a dog benefit from a myriad of health benefits, both physical and mental, helping them to age well into their 80s and 90s.

Take a Dog for a Walk

Another helpful habit that's healthy for all ages -- but especially as we get older -- is maintaining a positive outlook on life.

Think Positively