You may not associate key lime pie with healthy smoothies, but with this recipe, you can have both.

Plant-Based Key Lime Pie Smoothie

If you're trying to follow the Paleo diet–which attempts to mimic a Paleolithic way of eating as closely as possible by eliminating foods that weren't available during this prehistoric era—you may enjoy this green smoothie recipe.

Creamy Paleo Green Smoothie

Sipping on a smoothie while you're on the go can be refreshing and convenient, but if you have a little extra time to sit and relax, you may enjoy a smoothie bowl.

Peaches & Kale Smoothie Bowl

This green smoothie recipe uses either kale or spinach (or a combination of both if you prefer), almond milk, banana, mango, and your choice of nut butter.

Healthy Green Smoothie

For a classic green smoothie, try this recipe from Minimalist Baker. It's similar to some of the others on the list but with the addition of berries.

Green Smoothie

When you are craving a green smoothie that is going to be both nutritious and refreshing, this Ginger Colada green smoothie recipe is perfect.

Ginger Colada Smoothie

Blood orange isn't often talked about when it comes to making smoothies, but this ingredient will provide tangy, rich flavors and a punch of vitamin C.

Blood Orange Green Smoothie

Green smoothies can taste like dessert, and this recipe is proof of that. With frozen mango and pineapple, orange, lime, and coconut water, you won't be able to taste the addition of spinach at all.

Mango-Rita Green Smoothie