A hearty serving of white-enriched pasta only packs a few grams of fiber. Relative to the more than 50 grams of carbohydrates in this same serving, this is a low amount of fiber.

Use bean-based pasta instead of white pasta

A bowl of cereal is a popular breakfast for kids and adults, but it may be lacking fiber.

Trade cereal for oatmeal

Packaged protein shakes aren't known for packing much fiber. Some options have zero grams while others may contain upwards of 5 grams.

Swap out the protein shake for a fresh fruit smoothie

A handful of salty, crunchy chips makes for a satisfying snack, but those chips don't offer many valuable nutrients.

Swap out chips for popcorn

Mayonnaise adds a nice creaminess and savory flavor to a sandwich or chicken salad, but it doesn't contribute much in the way of nutrients.

Eat avocado instead of mayo

Whether you are using white rice in a stir-fry dish, as a side to a grilled protein, or as the carbohydrate in your salad, you could be getting more fiber from other grains.

Try quinoa instead of white rice

White bread may be soft and fluffy, but it doesn't provide much in the way of fiber.

Use whole-grain bread in place of white

If you enjoy a PB&J or fruit spread on your toast, this is a great opportunity to introduce more fiber.

Use mashed berries instead of jam