Enjoy the flavors of a Mexican Omelette, a breakfast dish filled with a tasty, flavorful filling seasoned just right for a great start to your day.

Mexican Omelette

Wake up to Migas con Huevo, a delicious dish that combines fried tortillas and eggs with a scoop of salsa for a perfect start to your morning.

Mexican Breakfast Migas

Enjoy the rich, aromatic flavors of Café de Olla, a traditional Mexican coffee that’s a delightful addition to your morning routine or Sunday brunch.

Café de Olla

Enjoy Torrejas for breakfast, a yummy dish that transforms bread into sweet French toast, making it a hit for brunch or any Lenten morning.


Discover the taste of Huevo en Salsa, where eggs meet a deliciously spicy sauce, making for a breakfast that’s both simple and satisfying.

Huevo en Salsa

Chilaquiles Rojos is a classic Mexican dish that turns your brunch into a feast with its amazing red sauce and crunchy tortillas.

Red Chilaquiles

Mom will love this Mexican Breakfast Torta. It’s a Mexican sandwich loaded with Mexican flavors and ingredients like avocado, jalapenos, and more, making every bite delicious!

Mexican Breakfast Torta

Huevos Divorciados is a fun breakfast with two eggs separated by beans, each covered in different salsa, making every bite exciting and full of flavor.

Huevos Divorciados

Make mornings easier with Huevos con Salchicha, a delicious combo of eggs and hot dogs that’s a classic Mexican way to start the day.

Huevos con Salchicha

Let a Green Ginger Smoothie be your morning energizer, turning every breakfast into a vibrant, flavor-packed adventure.

Green Ginger Smoothie